New York improv team: America Party!

America Party!

[b]America Party![/b] will grab you in its bald eagle's talons and take you for a comedy ride that's faster than the continental railroad. Celebrate the most prosperous nation in the world by watching its most promising youth squander thousands of dollars of college tuition by playing make believe and drinking beer on an empty stomach. Barack Obama was quoted in the New York Times as saying "America Party! is cooler than a drunk Michelle Obama... and almost as sexy." They've known it since 1773 in Boston, no one parties like Americans party. We won't stop until you laugh so hard you're seeing stars and stripes. [i]About us:[/i] America Party! has been working together for a year and met through classes at The PIT. Ensemble members are also involved with The Punctual Drunks (improv), Nerds On Fire (sketch), and On The Pot (sketch). Some of our favorite things include: strong characters, popcorn, authentic relationships, beer that tastes like the Rockies, grounded scenework, and the movie Top Gun.